Electronic components are complex and powerful and used in a large number of products across many industries. The manufacturing of the components must provide maximum precision and reliability. This requires a lot from the production process to protect the components and


On a large number of components of each car some sort of lubrication is needed and used to ensure the required quality and performance levels.Our dosing systems can supply you with these liquids needed in a production process for the


High-precision dosing in the aviation and space sector.As a specialist in dosing technology Scanmaster supplies automated application of epoxy resins and other adhesives, sealants and core masses for suppliers and OEMs of the aerospace industry  and guarantees high process reliability


    Wind, solar, renewables Metering and mixing for generating renewable energies is an area of expertise. Constructing demanding systems and components for i.e. wind rotor blades. With our dosing systems you will have a perfect component in your production

Food, Cosmetics & Pharma

We have solutions when it comes to dosing, conveying or barrel or cartridge unloading tasks involving food or food-based raw materials. Our strength lies in handling high-viscosity, solid containing material and shear-sensitive fluids, especially food. The products are conveyed and

General Industry

We are your professional partner for general industry with dosing systems for all kinds of applications. Application examples: Application of heavy-duty adhesives Component bonding Bonding of i.e. frames and glass elements Packaging – laminating Flux application Soldering paste application Bonding

Scanmaster offers a wide range of equipment

for dosing and dispensing of all 1- or 2 component liquids, paste-like medias, glue, grease etc. Depending on the specific application the configuration is chosen among modular and custom designed solutions to meet your needs. Sometimes demanding cases for an uninterrupted and highly precise dosing proces and other times less demanding low budget solutions. We want to be your preferred partner also for service and parts later on.

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