PreciDrop Gun 5cc Complete


Precifluid dispenser complete box including:

  • 1 controller unit
  • 1 gun with drop tube
  • 1 foot pedal
  • 1 finger switch
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 starter kit (needles and syringes).
precifluid precidrop dispenser

The equipment can operate in three modes:

  1. Manual: As long as the cycle is activated by the pedal or switch, the machine table dispense at a defined speed. When it stopped, a drawback can be programmed.
  2. Automatic: Each pulse (pedal or PLC control finger contact) the dispenser performs a deposition as the saved settings of the active program
  3. Sequences: A sequence is a series of programs (same or different) spaced at a programmable time.

5cc Gun Specifications

Watch this video to learn more about the dispenser

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