Precise Dosing – Equipment & Solutions

Scanmaster offers a wide range of equipment for dosing /dispensing of all liquids and paste-like media, glue, grease etc. to any industry.

Depending on the specific application the configuration is chosen among modular and custom designed solutions to meet your needs. Sometimes it is demanding cases for an uninterrupted and highly precise dosing process and other times less demanding low budget solutions. We represent the Western European manufacturers you see in the pull down menu.

The solutions are made from modules:

The choices are many. A system can for instance include drum pumps, material pressure regulators, metering valves, flow regulation, pumps, dispensing valves and a metering computer for electronic overview.
System technology for handling and dosing of adhesives and other media are chemical factories. A suitable dosing solution requires a high level of know-how.

We want to be your preferred partner discussing your needs! 

Considerations when defining the needs:

  • Do you need a solution to work stand-alone or as part of a process?
  • Do you have equipment already or is it a new application?
  • What are the materials to be dispensed? (data sheets needed)
  • How is the material supplied, cartridge, pail etc.? Dimension drawings of packaging
  • Expected flow rate per minute (ml)
  • Do you need material supply systems?  i.e. drum pumps for central material supply systems as well as supply to single stations
  • How important is this part of the production process – consider effectiveness and reliability, dosing amounts, time?

Call us or send us an e-mail so we can discuss your optimal solution.
Benefit from our more than 25 years experience.

Material Shot – Bead – Laminating – Spray/coating – Filling / potting/ Moulding/ Encapsulating

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