Flowscreen control panel

Sensor interface flowscreen – pressure monitoring device



The flowscreen is a robust evaluation unit for a wide range of applications. In combination with the flowplus16 the system is
for process monitoring of fluids. Both components could be used and integrated as single products due to their standardized
signals and connections.

By means of the special developed software you could visualize signals like the flow rate for optimizing your processes.
Instable or pulsating flow rates, e.g. pressure variations could be individual selected and evaluated. The intuitive user guidance
of the software and the user-friendly touchscreen guarantee optimal process control for a lot of applications at any time.

  • Display module 4,3“, TFT-Display, resistent Touchscreen
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 190 x 135 x 35 mm for wall-, front panel or desktop mounting
  • Input 2 external inputs for sensors, 2 analog inputs for 0-10 V
  • Output 2 error outputs for sensors, 2 error outputs for accumulate errors

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