Hygienic Dispenser VHD

High precision, repeatable, gentle on the product and pulsation free.

The ViscoTec Hygienic Dispenser enables a defined thread break-off, a micro dosing of less than 1ml and is easily integrated into automated complete solutions.

The ViscoTec Hygienic Dispenser is suitable for both food industry, pharma and cosmetics. 

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Independent of viscosity

Through versatile technology, high viscosity food and cosmetic fluids, e.g.
suspensions, gels, pastes or pasty ointment can be dosed and filled properly. ViscoTec systems are also perfectly suitable for abrasive fluids like
peeling pastes or marinades.

Smoothie filling with ViscoTec’s VHD.

Gentle product processing

Extremely gentle filling, emptying or dosing of fluids is achieved through the low-shear endless piston principle. Conveying or dosing of most sensitive food and cosmetic fluids, with e.g. fruit or vegetable particles – is therefore ensured.

Lipstick filling with ViscoTec’s VHD dispenser.

High precision

Highly repeatable dosing and filling processes with a deviation of only ±1 % are guaranteed by absolute linearity between the motor speed and the output quantity. An adjustable suck back offers a totally clean and hygienic process without dripping or tailing effect.

Filling deep tray with VHD dispenser


  • Dosing volume: 0.1 ml/rev to 50.0 ml/rev
  • Volume flow: 0.2 ml/min to 800.0 ml/min
  • Design according to EHEDG guidelines
  • Cleaning in installed condition

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