ViScaFeed by Scanmaster

ViScaFeed is developed by Scanmaster. ViScaFeed, as the name suggests, aims to “feed” another system, in this case ViscoTec’s 2-component mixing head ViscoDuo-VM which is used for e.g. mechanical potting and encapsulation of electronics, either by means of robot or other type of portal solution.

ViScaFeed does not have its own control, but is controlled externally from the ViscoTec controller ViscoDos-2K-VMP / VMP. All other features from our dispensing machine, ViScaMix, are repeated on ViScaFeed, however, pumps have been replaced with ViscoTec’s somewhat larger VMP18 pumps, which like the ViscoDuo-VM mixing head are also based on ViscoTec’s unique “endless” servo-driven eccentric screw pump principle.

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