ViScaMix by Scanmaster

This dispensing system is developed by Scanmaster. This is a compact 2-component dispensing system with ViscoTec RD dispensers. The standalone dispensing system, including material treatment, is designed for manual potting applications, especially for the electronics industry. It is perfectly suited for low to mid viscosity, respectively self-levelling materials, like Epoxies, Polyurethanes or Silicones. Those 2-component materials can contain fillers and can be dispensed with a mixing ratio of 1:1 to 10:1. The flexible system is designed with two pressure containers, one each per component.

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Product Description

Presentation of ViScaMix

2-component dispensing system with easy handling

The pressure vessels are filled manually with the single components. Alternatively, half-automated filling through suction with the help of a venturi valve is possible. Depending on the requirements of the material, necessary evacuation parameters need to be determined and the fluid will be stirred while being degassed.

Following the treatment and preparation the dispensers need to be calibrated before the dispensing process. Either directly applied onto the components through a handgun, attached with a static mixer. Or filled into containers before being applied on site – the mixing ratio, of the 2-component potting materials, stays within the parameters, and the mixing quality is being maintained.

The dispensing parameters for the progressive cavity dispensers can be adjusted easily within the integrated HMI of the controller: Dispensing quantity, speed, mixing ratio, calibration factors, pot life alarm, quantity shots or continuous dispensing as well as start/stop directly at the handgun or footswitch. The dispensing results are accurate and reliable. The mixing is done by a disposable static mixer. Possible flowrates vary within 10 to 600 ml/min depending on the configuration of the system.

Applications in the Electronic Industry

Potting of electronics serves, primarily, the mechanical protection of the parts against aggressive environmental influences. Such as vibrations and shocks but also humidity and corrosion. Premature failures of the components are being prevented.

With the use of thermal interface potting materials, temperature dissipation is an essential purpose. Overheating of the parts is being prevented. Further purposes for potting applications are:

  • Electrical insulation (prevention of short circuits),
  • flame protection (fillers within the potting material of low flammability or with self-extinguishing features) and
  • copy protection (components are not accessible without being destroyed after the potting process).

Of course, not only electronic components but also any other components can be encapsulated with the ViScaMix.

Additional functionality as an option

Agitators are available for each vessel, if required, to prevent separation of the fillers or to speed up the degassing process. Further the system can be equipped with a vacuum option. Either to suck the material into the vessels out of their container. Or to evacuate entrapped gas bubbles, for a more stable process, respectively to avoid contact with humidity for sensitive materials.

For materials with medium viscosity additional pressure can be applied to the vessels to reach higher feeding rates to the dispensers. Optional heating functionality is also available to reach higher curing rates or lower the viscosities of the components.

If the manufacturing rates are increased, the system can easily be upgraded to a solution that is fit for automation. And can be integrated into an existing superior PLC of a robot or XYZ table. The high accuracy mixing head ViscoDuo-VM can be attached directly to the gantry.

Origin of the 2-component dispensing system ViScaMix

The dispensing system was developed by Scanmaster in Denmark. “Two years of intensive development work have been completed. With ViScaMix, we have created the ultimate 2-component dispensing system for manual potting of electronics,” says Henning Pedersen, CEO and owner of Scanmaster. “To live up to our reputation and name, we chose ViscoTec dispensing pumps for our dispensing technology. It’s the only way to achieve the precise and reliable dosing results we envision.“

The advantages of the system again at a glance:

  • Manual dispensing system (incl. treatment)
  • Expandable to a semi-automated solution
  • Easy to transport
  • Material-friendly dispensing
  • Few wearing parts
  • Easy handling
  • All-in-one system

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