PreciFluid Easy PDE-03


Precifluid Easy complete unit 3cc includes:

  • Control unit
  • DropGun 3 cc with DropRin
  • Starter kit
  • LEMO cable
  • 1 finger switch
  • 1 power supply
precifluid easy kit


Thanks to a high performance linear actuator, the PreciFluid easy® performs a linear progression of the piston in contact with the fluid. The screw activated by the step-by-step motor is highly precise and is linked to the piston thanks to a patented electromagnetic connection system.
The system also offers a high pushing capacity going beyond 500,000 cps
with a torque multiplication. The dispensing cycle consists in the forward movement of the piston in a defined volume and speed.

The equipment can operate in two modes:

  1. Manual: As long as the cycle is activated by the foot pedal or finger switch it dispenses at a defined speed.
  2. Automatic: Each pulse (foot pedal or PLC control finger contact) the dispenser performs a dispense following the set up parameters.

PreciFluid Easy 3cc specifications

PreciFluid controller specifications

precifluid easy controller specifications


precifluid characteristics

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